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Labuan International School
School Type: 
Private National
Exam Offered: 
Labuan International School, LM 11344, Mukim Jalan Tanjung Aru, Jalan Tanjung Aru, 87008, FT. Labuan, Malaysia.
+087-597 300
Annual Tuition Fee - RM4,000 to RM15,000; Application Fee - RM200; Admission Fee - Nil; Upon admission parent to pay first month fee plus 3 months fee deposits
Class Size: 
24 (Maximum)

Labuan International School is currently situated at LM 11344, Mukim Tg Aru, Jalan Tg Aru, 87008 FT Labuan, Labuan International School (LIS) is the first and only private and international school in Labuan.  We are here to provide guidance to children on the road to a lifetime of academic and aesthetics opportunities. With more than 10 years of excellent achievements. LIS continues to nurture children in their Mind, Body and Soul to help them developed into well-balanced individuals. The strength in the Mind, the children are always taught to strive for excellence and inculcated with the belief that nothing is impossible if the mind is willing.

LIS meeting the desired standards, provides Primary and Secondary levels of both National and International curriculum hence offering parents the choice of an alternative kind of education for their children - an education for the world of global communication and opportunities which emphasised on the 21st Century Learning.

Giving a winning edge to children in education, the School further enhances its credibility with its line up of academic staff.  LIS has spared no effort in engaging teachers who are qualified, professional, dedicated and trustworthy. The teachers are constantly upgrading themselves, improving their teaching, knowledge and techniques through development courses conducted by established local teaching institutes and the University of Cambridge for International Examinations.   

LIS in its objectives, focuses  on meeting the needs of all students through programmes tailored for individual needs in an open classrooms without boundaries. The School has continuously embraced new ideas and state of the art in technology  and  has embarked on a Virtual Learning Environment platform, The Schoology which is a learner-centred one to one learning programme that engages personalisation of learning and developing  long life learners skills. LIS is the ultimate choice for a balanced development of the Mind, Body and Soul.