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Sri Ara International & Private School (Sri Ara Schools)
School Type: 
Private National
International Primary
Exam Offered: 
23, Jalan Straits View, Taman Tunku Molek, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor.
(+607) 222 2089/ 223 0089
Annual tuition fee:RM8,520 – RM10,845 (Preschool); RM12,450 (Pr 1) - RM16,395 (Form 5) (National Curriculum School); RM18,450 (Yr 1) – RM29,520 (Yr 11) (International School)
Class Size: 

At Sri Ara Schools, we emphasize on the 3 C’s being character, creativity and community. We believe that in developing each child one at a time with a strong sense of these 3 values. We are developing leaders for tomorrow. 


We believe in building good character through our underlying philosophy, innovative educational programme and outstanding degree of pastoral care in a friendly community.


We have a passionate commitment to educate and serve a broad range of students with different interests, abilities and from different backgrounds.


We recognise that educational excellence requires a school to believe in its students’ possibilities, build on their strengths, identify their weaknesses and help them overcome these. We respect the fact that each child is unique with distinct and differing abilities and filled with potential. 


We recognise that a part of a well-rounded educational programme requires programmes that are both rigorous and well-rounded. Our education programme provides a broad range of opportunities for our students to master new areas of learning, play and self-expression. 


Our prep-reception or pre-school years for children aged between 3 and 6 years old adopts the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework in tandem with a Montessori philosophy to provide a solid foundation in numeracy and literacy. 


Together with exposure to the arts and an appreciation of the natural world, the programme is structured to provide young children with a strong foundation for entrance into the lower primary level for either of our two schools.


Our International School Section is geared towards the IGCSE examinations set by Cambridge International Examinations. We have more than 21 years of experience in conducting the programme and the examinations; being Johor’s first center for the examinations since the school was first formed in 1997 as a private international school.







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